3 Must-Have Apps For EVERY Entrepreneur!

Like every other entrepreneur, my life is a whirlwind of emails, phone calls, client meetings, administrative duties and everything else in between! Sometimes, it’s just enough for me to remember to eat, nevertheless do anything else! Because I am a new-trepreneur, I don’t have the money for a ‘team’ of folks to monitor my calendars and whereabouts, so I rely on the next best thing: apps! Here are three apps that are a MUST HAVE for every entrepreneur, new and old:

  1.  Any.Do App

If you have never heard of or used the Any.Do App before, then today is your birthday…Because you are about to get your whole entire LIFE! This app is everything and then some! It’s truly like a personal assistant, without the hassle or overhead! You can schedule appointments, create to-do lists and knock out tasks, all within this little buddy! I personally have my notifications set to begin at 9:00a, so everyday I get an alert to ‘Plan My Day’ and it reads off everything on my task lists…How AH-MAY-ZING is that?!

Another great feature is that this app can sync with your Calendars, which is a plus, but there’s a neat recap feature that pops up after a meeting or conference call that is scheduled on your calendar – how cute is that?

Any.Do is available on Apple and Android devices, so there’s no excuse…Go get your life TODAY!

2.  Hootsuite

I believe every business should have some type of social media presence.  The only issue is that there are SO many to choose from now, to be able to keep up with them will make your head spin! From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Periscope to Pinterest…and the list goes on and on! That’s why it’s important to be able to maintain your platforms from one spot and save the headache for the next issue!

Here enters Hootsuite! Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that allows you to schedule and share content on various social media platforms.  There is a free version and there is a pro version.  With the free, you can maintain up to three different platforms and with the pro, up to 100! I use my Hootsuite to maintain my FB, Twitter, and WordPress content, but you can do Pinterest, Tumblr, and now Instagram!

This app is a godsend for when I am on the go! On the move, I don’t have time to sit down at a desktop and craft my social media content, so I just grab my tablet, open my Hootsuite app and go!

3. Google Hangouts

Let’s be real – we live in a virtually-driven society.  Just about everything is operated and maintained on a digital level.  They even have digital speed limit signs, for Christ’s sake! The same is to say for communication methods.  Gone are the days of burning gas to sit in a board room and listen to people ramble about this week’s numbers -that’s why the Google Hangouts app is so important! This is a virtual meeting space where you can chat, video conference and even share photos, right from your phone! If you have an Android device, Hangouts should be a pre-installed app, but if not it’s available in the Play Store and Apple Store for Iphone users.

I love to use this tool for client consultations and for virtual strategy meetings between myself and colleagues.  The video and sound quality is great and it doesn’t eat up as much phone data like other video streaming apps…WINNING!

Another beautiful facet of this app is that the video can be saved and reviewed at a later time! So if you have a website or a Youtube channel, you can post the Hangout and others can watch it, long after you have recorded it.. DOUBLE WINNING!

Of course, there are many other apps that could have made the cut, but in my honest opinion, if you have these three poppin’ on your phone, then you can accomplish just about anything! Don’t be on the outs because you have stressed yourself crazy trying to keep up with everything and everybody…Give these guys a try and take a load off!

Ciao for now….

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