A NEW ME, A NEW YOU: Confidence Boosters

I don’t think I am that different when it comes to this  I think every woman has those days when they just aren’t looking, feeling or thinking their best.  I honestly believe it comes with the territory.  With all these hormones, estrogen and emotions we have runnin’ through us, it’s a wonder we don’t wake up cluckin’ like chickens!! But I digress…

Maybe you’ve experienced some life-altering event that caused you to lose focus of yourself? Or maybe you’ve had a major physical change, like weight gain or loss??   Or maybe you are pretty confident, but as of late, you’ve been a little down on yourself?? It’s okay.. even the most confident needs a little reassurance from time to time! 😉

Wherever you are in your walk, allow me to share with you some tricks that help me on my ‘off’ days and on this journey to complete confidence:

  • Music is a MUST! It’s a little known fact that I HAVE to have music playing while I am getting dressed.  No matter what, it’s just something about the sound of music that motivates my mood for the better! I select my music according to the occasion, weather, day of the week, etc.  My fave ‘go-to’ when I’m in need of a pick-me-up is the ‘Katy Perry’ Pandora station.  After listening to that station, I am ready to conquer my attitude, my wardrobe and my confidence!!
  • Keep It Real!! Let’s be honest…None of us are getting any younger.  With age comes some MAJOR changes! Maybe your skin is not as taut as it used to be in high school or perhaps your shape has changed drastically after the birth of a child.   Newsflash: IT’S OKAY!! Most of us spend so much comparing ourselves to what once was, that we rarely take the time to celebrate what currently is!  Stop living in the ‘past you’ and be honest with how your body looks in the moment.  You’ll save yourself a lot of headache and heartache if you begin embracing the ‘Now’!
  • Be Versatile. Sometimes it’s good to change the game.  Typically, when we fall into a routine, boredom sets and we become complacent and begin complaining.  This can be a draining scenario not only for you, but for the others around you.  Imagine how stressful it is for your loved ones to have to deal with you when you are in your ‘mood’.   When you recognize this type pattern, start looking for ways to shake up the norm!  Add a new accessory to your outfit that you wouldn’t normally wear… Or maybe you can try styling your hair in a different way… Have you worn any lipstick lately??  If not, today’s a great day to start… SWITCH IT UP!!
  • Focus on the Positive. When I’m having a not-so-good day, I TRY my best to focus on the positive.  If it’s a morning where my clothes aren’t fitting right, my hair looks a mess and nothing seems to come together, I stand in the mirror and begin to admire my eyes, lips, and ears….WHATEVER WORKS!! The key is getting in the habit of looking at yourself with observation and not judgment.  At the end of the day, it’s all about how you see yourself and if you want others to see you in a positive light, you have to be the first to recognize it.
  • NO COMPARISON! It’s only natural for us to look at others for inspiration and in admiration, but never compare yourself to the looks of others.  This is a dead-end road to ‘Nowhere-ville’.  When this happens, I have a little game I play in my head {#DONTJUDGEME} called ‘Automatic Approval’.  Whenever I begin having comparison thoughts, I automatically begin complimenting myself as well.  For example, if I begin comparing my looks to another woman, I say to myself ‘Yes, she is pretty, but your full face is beautiful!’, giving myself a little nod of approval!! 🙂  Give it a shot!!
  • Talk to Yourself. I posted on my Facebook page a little while ago that I have begun the habit of everyday looking in the mirror and greeting myself.  I have also began the habit of speaking affirming thoughts to myself as I am getting dressed.  Not only does it make me feel good about myself, but it puts me in a great mood for the day!  Between the music I play to get dressed to {because everyday is a fashion show..duh!!} and the conversations I have to myself, by the time I roll out the door I am ‘Ready Freddie’!! 🙂

These are just a few tips that I recommend for anyone who is struggling in the confidence department.  What about you? What are some confidence boosters you have? Share some tips of how you get through your ‘off’ days.  LET’S CHAT!!!

Oh! And before I go, just in case you didn’t know….

you are amazing

Ciao for now…

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